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Back to the Beach

I love anything to do with the seaside and I found this seaside-themed exhibition at the Studio Gallery a lot of fun. There were photographs, paintings, prints, drawings and sculptural pieces by members of the local group, Worthing Art Studios.

Barry Williams showed photos of paraphernalia of local fishermen. He also had a display of his Conversation Pieces: delightful miniature scenes created out of recycled bits and pieces, including old mackerel and sardine tins. Sarah Sepe's thread shell and mixed-media print really appealed to me, as did a vivid, atmospheric seascape by Wendy Whiting. Naomi Frances exhibited beautiful work made from mirrors, shells and stained glass. Mary Crabb's basketry creations, made from cane and coloured wire, look like little lobster pots.

Back to the Beach at the Studio Gallery, Worthing Museum & Art Gallery 2016

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