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"In my work, I express feelings about places that have meaning for me."

Born in Brighton in 1958, I moved to Worthing, where I lived for 25 years until I left to study Art History as a mature student at Middlesex University. I got my degree in 1989 and managed to achieve my ambition to work at the National Gallery. Ten years later, another dream was realised when I did Foundation Studies at Chelsea College of Art. After that, I began a career in magazine publishing and ended up as assistant editor of Art Quarterly magazine. I moved back to Worthing in 2015 and since then I’ve been focused on developing my art practice.

I notice colours, textures, patterns and forms, both natural and man-made. To prepare for painting, I make sketches and experiment with collage ideas. My previous paintings were representational seascapes and I'm now developing a more abstract approach. My process is mostly intuitive because I want to keep my rational mind out of the way so I can create work that feels spontaneous and not too controlled. I use acrylic paints applied with brushes as well as other tools to drag paint over the surface to create textures and I use pencils and crayons for scribbles and other mark making. 

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